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I provide affordable website and web app design services to businesses and organizations. My portfolio lists previous apps and sites I've designed. My pricing is fair and competitive.

My name is Chris Troutner. Thanks to modern technology, I live and work from my sailboat, located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. I regularly video conference with clients via Skype or Google Hangouts. Though physically distant, I am only a phone call or email away. I make an effort to be prompt and professional.

As reflected in my pricing structure, my goal is to provide long-term, reliable website support to small and medium-sized organizations. I am an expert in website and web app design, with over a decade of programming experience and a Computer Science degree from Oregon State University.

I am the internet expert your organization needs.



I have three pricing structures for my freelance work. I prefer to establish long-term working relationships with my clients, and so working on retainer incentives both of us to work toward that goal. I also do a fair number large projects such as new websites and website redisigns. For these kinds of new, large projects, I charge a minimum of 15 hours.

$35-$45 / hour


  • A minimum retainer of 5 hours per month is required for this pricing structure.
  • The retainer can be canceled after three months.
  • Any work beyond 5 hours is still billed at this lower rate.

$50 / hour


  • No minimum requirement in time is required when working on a freelance basis.



  • Up to 15 hrs of development.
  • Any work beyond 15 hours is billed at $35/hr
  • Best for new websites and website redesigns


Let's start a conversation! Use the form below to contact me. I generally respond the email faster than voice mail. If you prefer phone, please leave a voice mail if I am not able to pick up the call.